20 Oct 2017 We provide you with help and advice on how to source UL compliant identification labels specific to your product.


With over a century of experience in the development of more than 1,500 Standards, UL is an accredited standards developer in the US and Canada. In extending its global public safety mission, UL Standards partners with national standards bodies in countries around the world to build a safer, more sustainable world.

The UL 2020 standards are creating smarter and safer smoke detectors. They can now distinguish between actual fires and false alarms such as burning food and steam. Expect more 2020 UL compliant products to be announced as the deadline approaches. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a world renowned independent product safety certification organization. UL was established in 1894 and the company is headquartered in Northbrook, IL. Underwriters Laboratories creates standards and testing procedures for all types of products, components, assemblies, tools, and materials, in regards to product safety. UL Standards for Safety are not needed to determine code compliance, even if the installation code indicates that a product or material must comply with a specific UL Standard. The Guide information in UL ProductiQ TM , or in UL’s published product directories, usually identifies the standard(s) used to investigate and certify products in a particular product category.

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2. Is UL listing or certification mandatory when importing from Asia? No, compliance with UL standards is not mandatory, in the sense that you are not required by law to follow them. UL Standard | UL 969 | Edition 5 | Standard for Marking and Labeling Systems | Edition Date: May 30, 2017 | ANSI Approved: March 30, 2018 Se hela listan på thermal-edge.com Yet, only in the past four years has the NFPA officially written UL 300 compliance into their code, and numerous kitchens still resist updating to meet the new requirements. As the vast majority of states have now adopted these standards, it’s time for commercial kitchen owners to get serious. What Exactly Does UL 300 Require UL 1446 COmpLIanCE OptIOnS UL offers users of EIS several options to demonstrate compliance to UL 1446.

UL-märkning. UL och cUL märkt. Livslängd vid 70 % ljusflöde. 100000 h. Drift och Not compliant to ANSI C136.31, 3G. Special orders are available to conform.

Circuit breakers are not permitted. Circuit breakers are not permitted for external fusing of the UL network. Use exclusively the UL mains fuses specified in this chapter. Fuse holders with UL approval.

Ul compliant

UL Muram, Faiz. Mälardalens högskola, Akademin för innovation, design och teknik, Inbyggda system. 2019 (Engelska)Ingår i: Electronic Communications of the 

Signal, HART-compliant trapezoidal wave at 1200/2200 Hz. Directive conformity. Radio and UL approval, E106378. Approved for, Class I, Div. 1 or Div. Skyddsklass UL. II förstärkt isolering The UL marking on the actuator depends on the production site, the device is UL-compliant in any case. Driftsprincip. Logo WiFi certifierad produkt Logo UL listed Logotype CE certifikat Logotyp FCC IEEE 802.11a/b/g compliant; Redundant 24 VDC power inputs or PoE; QoS  ul class="simplelist">

  • Illumination of production up to 60,000 h
  • Mercury-free and RoHS compliant
  • Type of protection: IP20
  • Very high  UL listed. TMT181-, **iTEMP TMT181, Head Transmitter PCP. Product being phased out, limited availability. Temperature transmitter,PC-programmable.

    Ul compliant

    Suitable for damp locations. UL Muram, Faiz. Mälardalens högskola, Akademin för innovation, design och teknik, Inbyggda system. 2019 (Engelska)Ingår i: Electronic Communications of the  UL listed.
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    Ul compliant


    Underwriters Laboratories UL-1569, UL-83, UL-1063 American National Standards Institute Federal Specification A-A59544 IEEE 1202 Flame Test (when used with PVC outer jacket) NEMA RV 1-2004, Revision 1 NFPA 70: National Electrical Code Article 330 UL Listed for Use in 1, 2, and 3 Hour Through-Penetration Firestop Systems RoHS Compliant UL 985-6 Compliance features.
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    UL has provided the elastomer industry with set standards for compounds in different working environments. While Minnesota Rubber and Plastics no longer separately certifies our compounds to individual standards, we continue to work with customers in their UL certification process by providing compliant materials.

    Repacorp is ready to assist you. We Offer: UL 969 and C22.2 No. 0.15 compliant labels. UL/cUL Certified: Flexographic printed labels UV digital printed labels Blank die cut labels.

    6 foot, and 8 foot lengths. Integral dimmable LED module with driver requiring a remote location installation. UL listed. ADA compliant. Suitable for damp…

    As the global safety science leader, UL helps companies to demonstrate safety, enhance sustainability, strengthen security, deliver quality, manage risk and achieve regulatory compliance. Overview Mission Page 13 Issue 04/2014 UL-Basic Workshop / 111_UL-compliant marking, Industry Sector Panel Marking (1) Field Wiring Terminal Markings – UL508A §54 The terminal marking shall be conform to the diagrams Field wiring terminals shall be marked with The neccessary wiring material The neccessary wiring temperature One OSHA-approved testing laboratory and the best-known certification company for electrical products is UL – Underwriters Laboratories.

    UL is a pain to work with, I would go with CSA before UL (even though CSA is Canadian they can grant US NRTL marks in general). Also note that as part of getting an NRTL mark, you will be signing up for periodic (typically four times a year) factory inspections where the NRTL will make sure you are still building your product in the approved way. According to the UL Compliance Guidelines for Marking and Labeling Systems, the “UL 969 label standards utilize environmental conditioning of labels prior to their evaluation for label permanency. After applying label samples to the test surface, the labels are conditioned in various exposures such as water immersion, elevated and lowered temperatures, chemical immersions, and ultraviolet In some cases, UL has also evaluated products for compliance to additional requirements including those covering energy efficiency; functional safety; use in gas-fired equipment and marine environments; and use in plumbing, security and signaling applications.